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Nestled within the stunning countryside and rolling hills lies a sprawling English estate, centered by an impressive 17th century manor house and surrounded with newly renovated, elegant and idyllic equestrian facilities. An environment with the ambience of old english country lifestyle, paired with facilities equipped for producing the next generation of equestrian talent.

The property speaks for itself through our launch video, which can be viewed at the bottom of this page - but interested parties can read more extensively about the facilities below:


Clients based with us will be able to enjoy the privacy of their very own facilities - our base is equipped with ‘two of each’, and all newly refurbished. They will have access to their own tack room, own rug & store room, and separate spacious indoor barn - all based within near vicinity of our own, so that we are quickly accessible but clients are also able to relax in their own space with their horses.

Many acres of paddocks are split into three sections - all with their own purpose to cater for the horses on-site.

The section of breeding paddocks are split into capacious areas on rolling hills, which provides perfect year-round grazing for broodmares and youngstock.

Competition horses can enjoy freedom, while still having their soundness protected, in the second section of paddocks, which are located within a picturesque original walled garden. These paddocks are protected by the beautiful red brick, which provides a peaceful environment for performance horses to relax.

The final section of paddocks overlooks the lake on the property, surrounded by a blanket of vast trees from the nearby wood. This section of expansive paddocks is ideal for long hours of summer grazing.

The stables in the indoor barns are equally as spacious as the grazing facilities - with the stables in the clients’ barn measuring 16ft x 16ft (5x5m).

The main stable barn is kitted out with all the necessities for ensuring the comfort and happiness of the horses on-site, including solarium, overhead heated water supply, roomy cross ties and high roofs providing ample fresh air flow through the main entrance (which can be closed at night in the winter months to provide a cozy environment for them to rest).

The lunge ring sits within a second walled garden, surrounded by lush green grass and fruit trees - it provides a quiet place for young horses to begin their education, or ridden horses to enjoy a day of off-the-back work. 

The Olympic sized arena, flanked by the main house, sits within a small valley, and is a zone fit for full focus on training. Measuring 30x60, additional space is available when the 20x60 arena boards are not in place. Both short-sides and the far long-side are fitted with dressage mirrors. 

On-site hacking is available around the facilities and on the back driveway, with a stunning view over the park and rolling hills of the breeding paddocks. 

A Monarch horse-walker is situated just off the main yard, and is available if required.

The separate medical room provides space for all veterinary and health related products to be kept in a segregated and sanitised environment, and also contributes space for up-keeping FEI clean sport values. 

Olivers Equestrian
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